We deliver topline growth by ensuring in-market execution

build robust brand

Build Robust Brands

The NorthSide® team works with enterprises to develop a strong brand positioning and a proprietary brand-market development model.

This model is deployed to build brand equity, enable growth in underdeveloped markets and unlock growth opportunities in the developed ones. With optimal utilisation of the available advertising & marketing budgets, we ensure sustained growth regardless of the spends being low or high.

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Solution Modules

developing brand identity

Developing Brand Positioning & Brand Identity

  • Target group & consumption segment
  • Needs/triggers/barriers
  • Winning brand concept & proposition
  • Predominant brand archetype
  • Key brand visual & tagline
creative development

Creative Development
(TV Commercial)

  • Identifying the key consumer insight
  • Building the creative strategy
  • Script/creative material development
  • Pre-testing for persuasion & clutter breaking ability
  • Production of material and approval
media plan development

Media Plan

  • Identifying key consumer target
  • Priority segments within the target group
  • Demand funnel analysis
  • Media strategy development
  • Media plan optimisation (reach, frequency)
  • Execution and post analysis

Develop Differentiated Products

In the F&B space, we specialise in creating proprietary, fully tested and legally compliant actual physical products with our R&D partners.

Clients also trust NorthSide to run innovation modules, which include idea generation, actual product development to commercial launch in the consumer products space and to develop product ideas for the digital world in the consumer technology space using a proprietary benefit segmentation model.

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Solution Module

differentiated solution

Innovation Pipeline

  • Key Consumption Segment
  • Needs / Triggers / Barriers
  • Winning Concept/s
  • NPD Proposition/s
  • Actual Products
  • Key Visual & Tagline

We help clients run innovation and start-up modules that involve idea generation, market assessment, concept development and validation.

If required, clients also engage NorthSide for product development, concept-product validation and end-to-end in-market execution.


Transform Business Models

The NorthSide® team works with innovation-oriented clients and supports them with the use of Information Technology, digital transformation processes and top-of-the-line e-commerce thinking to deliver business results.

In certain cases, clients also engage NorthSide for transformation and execution of traditional Go-To-Market sales and distribution systems.

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Solution Modules

transform business solution

Developing Ecommerce

  • E-commerce Channel Strategy
  • Digital Media to E-Commerce Purchase Plans
  • Social Media & Influencer Strategy
  • Tracking Media to Purchase Effectiveness

NorthSide can help advise set up and run a fully functional e-commerce system, which includes setting up products on the client website and market places and driving e-commerce sales by using our experiment-learn-repeat-grow methodology.

If required, key content pieces to drive sales in line with brand positioning can be developed by NorthSide.

integrated business model

Integrated Business Module

This is our most popular module where clients work with NorthSide from idea generation to end-to-end in market execution and then continue to engage with us to grow the business as per aligned objectives.

Typical integrated work streams include idea generation, concept creation and validation, product development and validation, and in-market execution to scale-up the business.

In certain cases, clients also use NorthSide as their outsourced marketing department.

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Case Studies

All projects involve strategy formulation and end-to-end in-market execution.

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