Case Study

Delivered 10X growth on a start-up brand in the personal care space

The client was looking to set up a new business from the ground up and engaged NorthSide to develop the idea and to drive end -to-end commercialization. 

NorthSide identified a compelling business concept, which was a blue ocean space within a large red ocean category, developed a regional strategy, set up sales and supply chain systems, set up e-commerce, and developed new products to drive growth.


Revenue Growth: +10X in 18 months

E-commerce: From zero to 40% of mix

New Product ideas commercialized


1. NorthSide identified a sharp blue ocean opportunity within a large category and then recommended a mix of regional strategy and e-commerce to drive growth and optimize the business model

2. Set up the sales system to target the right set of outlets and set-up a supply chain system to keep the right amount of buffer stocks to feed the market with less than 1% out of stock on a monthly basis.

3. Set up the e-commerce market-place and own website model from the ground up 

4. Executed demand generation campaigns which included BTL activations, e-commerce digital campaigns and regionally focused ATL campaigns.

5. Set up a process for innovation development and developed a robust product pipeline of ideas, consumer validated using a globally acclaimed third party tool.

6. Worked with the client from idea generation to commercialization of new products to fuel growth. 

We are NorthSide. A strategy and execution company that partners with young businesses in their start-up and scale-up journey to help build robust brands, develop differentiated products and transform business models.

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