Case Study

Master brand proposition drives innovation, market share gain and 30% efficiency for a mid-sized FMCG company

A mid-sized FMCG company selling products under different brands was witnessing suboptimal marketing performance and increased media investment against industry benchmarks. NorthSide was engaged to help grow innovation while increasing the efficiency of marketing spending in a competitive market.

Key Diagnosis

Marketing campaigns were witnessing poor performance due to suboptimal spending across many brands which made the portfolio less competitive. It also prevented the company from capturing innovation opportunities that could fit well and be executed with one brand instead of multiple brands.


  1. Identified the core portfolio of the brand by undertaking specialised research that helped identify the brand strengths and how the portfolio could benefit from the mother-child branding approach.
  2. Identified a core equity benefit that could help straddle the portfolio without diluting the existing sub-brands
  3. Identified innovation opportunities that could benefit from a core equity benefit proposition
  4. Developed a core brand positioning
  5. Consumer-tested brand positioning concept for performance using qualitative and quantitative testing models
  6. Developed brand advertising for mass media based on the new brand positioning.


  1. Achieved an efficiency of 30% on marketing spending while maintaining brand health KPIs on awareness, consideration and equity metrics.
  2. The revenue market share of the company grew post execution of the new positioning
  3. Developed and executed an innovation pipeline with the new master brand
  4. Significant growth in revenue from innovation as a percentage of total revenue

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