Case Study

Incubated India’s first talent platform for the hospitality sector

During the COVID-19 period, our client with experience in the hospitality sector was looking to launch a new venture.

Our industry research within the hospitality sector revealed that job seekers look for opportunities within their specific industry domain, but the current talent platforms available are generic, which makes it difficult for employers to hire and potential employees to get hired.

During the recovery phase after the Covid-19 disruptions, the business model of the hospitality sector also forced operators to reduce ‘fixed’ personnel costs. On the other hand, many job seekers who had lost jobs during the Covid-19 lockdowns were finding it difficult to get hired again.

NorthSide recommended that the client launches a new talent platform for the hospitality industry.


Developed a blueprint and user experience to address the evolved recruitment needs of hospitality sector and job seekers

Developed the UI/ UX for the platform

Partnered with the client to take the platform live

Key Insight

Both hiring and getting hired are painful in the hospitality sector due to a broken matchmaking process with multiple intermediaries, unstandardized skill definitions and unclear hiring criteria.


  • Identified the need for a scalable hiring process for middle management or lower hierarchies.
  • Conducted depth interviews to understand the needs and pain points of both candidates and employers, which identified that candidates don’t get closure or response to their job applications leading to disappointment and settling for roles unfit for them.
  • Identified that ‘skills’ based application and shortlisting can lower the feedback loop and quicken closures.
  • Designed specifications for matchmaking services for both job seekers and employers.
  • Designed a user-friendly UI/UX
  • Developed standardized job postings with higher transparency for candidates with key criteria such as expected pay, hours, skills etc.
  • Tested the launch platform and took it live

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