Case Study

Home & kitchenware brand grows e-commerce sales by 12X

After achieving initial traction at the time of launch, a home & kitchenware brand’s sales had stagnated. The brand was operating in more than a dozen, highly commoditised product categories, with cut-throat competition on price and value.

NorthSide was engaged to revive momentum and build sustainable demand for the brand’s products by developing a strategy and executing it in-market.

NorthSide diagnosed that the brand needed a fresh positioning that could break the clutter in the commoditised space and justify premiums while being relevant and appealing across its diverse product categories.

Key Insight

Despite a variety of brands to choose from, Indian homemakers are disappointed at the level of understanding that brands display toward their needs; offering poorly designed products.


  1. Identified the usage drivers & barriers for 12+ categories & subcategories. 
  2. Defined the ‘where to play’ area for the brand using NorthSide’s proprietary 7Ws and Competition Framework.
  3. Identified key consumer insights that cut across categories.
  4. Identified ‘hero products’ that consumers felt were differentially better than competition to be the core of the brand.
  5. Developed four and identified one winning concept that was differentiated and relevant for the brand through consumer testing.
  6. Developed tagline, visual identity and communication for the brand.
  7. Developed communication & messaging architecture at the brand level, laddered down to each product category.
  8. Developed and executed a launch campaign on social & digital media.
  9. Developed and executed an e-commerce relaunch strategy and launched the Amazon store.
  10. Increase distribution on e-commerce to 3 platforms.
  11. Leveraged consumer acceptance of positioning to direct innovation pipeline and hence future growth.


  1. E-commerce sales grew 12X within 8 months of in-market execution.
  2. E-commerce contributes 20% of overall sales.
  3. First-time product trials generated in 10+ new cities.
  4. Added 5pp to the growth rate in offline retail channels.

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