Case Study

Develop and execute a new proposition for a large player in the consumer durables industry

Business Need

Refresh a heritage brand and develop a proposition that stretches across multiple categories.

Consumer Insight

Home-makers want their family to celebrate family time together


1. Identified the drivers and barriers for all categories. Mapped the consumer decision journey.

2. Developed a category competition positioning frame-work

3. Consumer tested three and identified one concept that was differentiated and relevant for the brand.

4. Hands on execution of proposition: Developed scripts with creative partners, guided & worked with partners to develop creative scripts – quantitatively tested on clutter breaking ability and persuasion before production

4. Execution of ATL campaign across genres

5. Developed the e-commerce strategy


Developed a single proposition that stretches the brand across 4 categories

Quantitatively tested proposition was high on clutter breaking ability and persuasion

Quantified the e-commerce opportunity and detailed the execution plan  

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