Case Study

New Positioning delivers an organic growth of 3X for a healthcare company

The client was looking to position a product and develop a pipeline of innovative products based on a novel concept. 

NorthSide helped the company position their brand in the competitive healthcare space, developed a consumer claim, helped getting the claim approved by regulators, developed a pipeline of products and executed new packaging.


Revenue growth: 3X in two months

Regulatory health claim approved 

New packaging executed in the market


1. NorthSide designed and executed a deep qualitative consumer research using offline and online tools, which unearthed a usage occasion and a use quantity that led to the development of a health claim for the product. 

2. The health claim was then validated using medical protocols and put up to the regulators and approved for use. 

3. NorthSide team help develop new packaging with the new claim, which was rolled out into the market

4. Developed & implemented a plan to focus the messaging using free to use social media and drove PR on the new claim, which increased sales by 3X in two months without any spends on marketing.

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