Case Study

Helped develop and execute a new brand positioning, which delivered a persuasion of 90%

The client was looking to position the product in a highly competitive red ocean market where the product specifications are regulated.

NorthSide helped to develop and execute a new brand positioning with consumer testing, which delivered 90% persuasion among the target audience. The team also helped set up e-commerce market-place operations to drive sales.


Consumer Persuasion: 90% 

E-commerce market-place model set up 


1. NorthSide analyzed the portfolio and with the help of consumer research developed two positioning routes using the brand archetype model.

2. Qualitative and Quantitative research designed by NorthSide was used to shortlist the positioning and global well-acclaimed third-party tools were used to validate the positioning with consumers. 

3. The positioning was tested on the ability to break the clutter and drive consumer persuasion and was found to give top box results on both parameters, with persuasion to try at 90%.

4. NorthSide then helped in executing and producing content with partners and translated the positioning into an audio-video commercial, and 360 BTL and ATL elements. 

5. Provided guidance and hands-on execution support to strengthen the e-commerce market-place model

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