Case Study

A traditional B2B service catering to limited geography pivots to a SaaS solution for the industry

The client was looking to scale up their business, which was restricted to a few geographies and a few customer segments.

However, the target market was made up of several kinds of businesses with varying needs and complexity of operations, based on volumes, frequency, size, value and nature of business which made it crucial to identify segments that would be lucrative for the startup and develop specific feature sets & product positioning for them. In addition, being a traditional service running in-house operations cost-effectively and scaling the business was a challenge.


NorthSide helped re-position the business as a SaaS solution for the industry

Increase focus on customer needs by providing a technology solution

The re-positioning improved the overall efficiency and utilisation of capital


NorthSide led a 3-month in-depth research, analysis and problem-solving exercise to reveal needs-based segments who felt underserved within the B2B industry. This helped identify potential groups of customers who were similar along one dimension of unmet needs.

  • In-depth interviews with different customers representative of the industry
  • Uncovered 80+ specific expected outcomes for the customers across various dimensions
  • Statistical grouping of respondents with similar unmet outcomes.
  • The personification of resultant segments with price and willingness to pay
  • Potential business concepts, including SaaS and traditional options to meet unmet outcomes
  • Development of the final positioning concept for the SaaS solution
  • Development of the key communication tagline

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